This is the "Prayer Request for the Sick" form

Sorry, the Prayer Phone Line is now closed

To make a prayer request please fill in this form below and click in the "Send this form" button at the bottom.

If you make a mistakes and want to correct them, then either edit the entries or click the "Start again" button at the bottom.

1. Please enter the full name of the sick person.

2. Please enter the contact Email address of the Person filling in this form. (This will not be sent to the prayer team)

3. Please enter the approximate age (in years) of the sick person.

4. Please enter the city/town where the sick person is now living.

5. Please enter the region/state/shire where the sick person is now living.

6. Please enter the country where the sick person is now living.

7. Please enter your prayer request below. Be sure to include the name of the sickness, how long the person has been sick, if the sickness is diagnosed terminal, and any other important information . No Medical history is required.  Required

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When you have completed this form, please press one of the buttons above AND WAIT while it sends!

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