A list of New Testament Greek conjunctions in Logos Apostolic Greek interlinear with common meanings. Strong's number is on the left, followed by the number of occurrences, the Greek word, and possible translations.

Interlinear New Testament Index

235 (637x) ἀλλά but, rather, however, yes; adds emphasis or contrast.
686 (51x) ἄρα therefore, then, so then, thus, so.
687 (3x) ἆρα therefore, expecting a negative response.
1063 (1067x) γάρ for, since, then, indeed.
1161 (2870x) δέ and, but, rather, now, then, so. Adverse.
1355 (3x) διόπερ therefore indeed, for this very reason.
1437 (275x) ἐάν if; even if, if ever.
1487 (290x) εἰ if, whether, that.
1512 (6x) εἴπερ though, if it is true that, if so be that.
1535 (65x) εἴτε either, or, whether.
1875 (3x) ἐπάν when, whenever, as soon as.
1893 (27x) ἐπεί because, otherwise, for, for then, else, in that case, since.
1894 (11x) ἐπειδὴ (ἐπεί+δή) for, because, since.
2193 (148x) ἕως until, to, as far as, as many as.
2228 (357x) or, than, either, else, nor.
2259 (2x) ἡνίκα when.
2260 (1x) ἤπερ than.
2273 (1x) ἤτοι whether, or.
2443 (621x) ἵνα that, in order to; so that.
2444 (6x) ἱνατί why? for what reason?
2526 (4x) καθό as, according to; in so far as.
2530 (5x) καθότι because, for; as, in so far as.
2531 (182) καθώς as, just as; even as, according as.
2532 (9280x) καί and, also, but, even, both, then, so.
2539 (6x) καὶπερ though, although.
2543 (1x) καίτοι although.
2544 (3x) καίτοιγε although, and yet.
2579 (13x) κἂν though, and if, but if, also if, even if.
2704 (56x) ὅπως that, how, to, in order that.
3305 (8x) μέντοι indeed, indeed but.
3366 (57x) μηδέ neither, nor, not, not even.
3383 (37x) μήτε neither, nor.
3606 (15x) ὅθεν from which, by which.
3676 (3x) ὅμως even as.
3699 (82x) ὅπου where, whereas, while.
3704 (56x) ὅπως that, so that.
3752 (123x) ὅταν when, whenever, as often as.
3753 (105x) ὅτε when, at which time, while, as long as.
3754 (1293x) ὅτι that, because, for, since; may mark the beginning of direct discourse.
3761 (137x) οὐδέ neither, nor, and not; but not, not, not even.
3767 (526x) οὖν therefore, then; thus, so, and.
3777 (94x) οὔτε (οὐ + τε) neither, nor, not, not yet.
4133 (31x) πλὴν but, nevertheless. (Also used as an adverb - besides, except.)
4250 (14x) πρίν before, before that.
4459 (103x) πῶς interrog. particle how? In what way? By what means?
5037 (209x) τέ and, both, whether, even.
5105 (2x) τοιγαροῦν therefore, so then.
5106 (4x) τοίνυν therefore, then, for that very reason then.
5616 (34x) ὡσεί about, like, as, approximately.
5618 (42x) ὥσπερ as, just as, even as; like.
5619 (1x) ὡσπερεί as, as though.
5620 (83x) ὥστε that, so that, with the result that, in order that, for the purpose of; therefore, thus, so.

Interlinear New Testament Index

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