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Then Peter said, I have no
silver and gold, but what I
do have I give you: In the
name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, rise up and walk.
(Acts 3:6)
And his name, through faith in
his name, has made this man
strong, whom you see and know:
yes, the faith which is by him has
given him this perfect soundness
in the presence of you all.
(Acts 3:16)
And the multitudes with
one accord heeded the
things spoken by Philip,
hearing and seeing the
miracles which he did.
(Acts 8:6)
The same heard Paul
speak: who steadfastly
beholding him, and
perceiving that he had
faith to be healed,
(Acts 14:9)
And this she did for many days.
But Paul, being annoyed,
having turned, said to the spirit,
I command you in the name of
Jesus Christ to come out of her.
And he came out the same hour.
(Acts 16.18)
So that from his body were
brought to the sick
handkerchiefs or aprons, and
the sicknesses departed from
them, and the evil spirits
went out of them.
(Acts 19:12)
Is anyone sick among you?
Let him call for the elders of
the church, and let them pray
over him, anointing him with
oil in the name of the Lord,
(James 5:14)
And the prayer of faith shall
save the sick, and the Lord
shall raise him up; and if he
has committed sins, they
shall be forgiven him.
(James 5:15)
Who himself bore our sins in
his body on the tree, that we,
having died to sins, should live
in righteousness; by whose
stripes you were healed.
(1 Peter 2:24)

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