The eighth set of Salvation Flash cards - an excellent way to help you to memorize scripture verses.

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Who are being kept by
the power of God,
through faith, for
salvation ready to be
revealed in the last time.
(1 Peter 1:5)
The end of your
faith, receiving
the salvation of
your souls.
(1 Peter 1:9)
Who himself bore our sins in
his body on the tree, that we,
having died to sins, should live
in righteousness; by whose
stripes you were healed.
(1 Peter 2:24)
The like figure even baptism
which also now saves us (not
the putting away of the filth of
the flesh, but the answer of a
good conscience toward God,) by
the resurrection of Jesus Christ:
(1 Peter 3:21)
And if the righteous man
is saved with difficulty,
where shall the ungodly
and the sinner appear?
(1 Peter 4:18)
And count the longsuffering
of our Lord to be salvation;
according as our beloved
brother Paul, according to the
wisdom given to him,
wrote to you.
(2 Peter 3:15)
I would put you in
remembrance, knowing you
once knew this, that the Lord,
having saved the people out of
the land of Egypt, afterwards
destroyed those who did not
believe. (Jude 1:5)
And I heard a loud voice in heaven
saying, Now has come the salvation,
the power, and the kingdom of our
God, and the authority of his Christ:
for the accuser of our brothers has
been cast down, who accuses them
before our God day and night.
(Revelation 12:10)
After these things I heard a
great voice of many people in
heaven, saying, Halleluyah;
salvation, and glory, and
honour, and power, belong to
the Lord our God.
(Revelation 19:1)

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