Interlinear New Testament Index

Part of Speech
Art - Article
N - Noun
NN - Numerical Noun
Adv - Adverb
Adj - Adjective
CAdj - Comparative Adjective
NAdj - Numerical Adjective
SAdj - Superlative Adjective
DPr - Demonstrative Pronoun
IdPr - Indefinite Pronoun
ItPr - Interrogative Pronoun
PPr - Personal / Possessive Pronoun
RcPr - Reciprocal Pronoun
RlPr - Relative Pronoun
RfPr - Reflexive Pronoun
Prep - Preposition
Conj - Conjunction
V - Verb
M/P- Middle or Passive
Int - Interjection
Ind - Indeclinable
2474 (70x) ἰσραὴλ Israel, masculine noun.
2419 (83x) ἱερουσαλήμ Jerusalem, Femine noun.
Prt - Particle
302 (191x) ἂν ever, (a supposition).
1489 (5x) εἴγε if, if indeed, (conditional).
2400 (x) ἰδού look, see, behold, (a demonstrative) calling attention to something. Said to be a middle voice active imperative of 'eidon' Strong's 1492.
3303 (194x) μὲν Indeed, (an affirmative) ὁ μὲν -- ὁ δὲ, the one -- the other, οἱ μὲν -- οἱ δὲ, some -- others.
3385 (15x) μήτι not, not any, (an interrogative) μή + τι, expecting a negative answer, sometimes not translated.
3483 (34x) ναί yes, even so, (an affirmative).
3756 (1453x) οὔ, οὐκ, οὐχ not, no, (a negative). Used as an Adverb.
4007 (4x) περ indeed, ever (an enclitic that adds emphasis to a word).
5037 (209x) τε or τέ and, both, even (an enclitic).
5106 (4x) τοίνυν then, therefore (pointing to what follows).
Heb - Hebrew Word
281 (521x) ἀμήν Amen, (an affirmative).
Aram - Aramaic Word
5 (3x) αββα Abba, (an address, Father).
S - Superlative

Interlinear New Testament Index

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