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Hebrew Scriptures for נֶפֶשׁ 'nephesh' meaning 'Soul'
Hebrew scriptures for רוּחַ 'ruach' meaning 'Spirit'
Greek Scriptures for ψυχή 'psuche' meaning 'Soul'
Greek scriptures for πνεῦμα 'pneuma' meaning 'Spirit'


What is death? There are four kinds of biblical death; physical death, spiritual death, the death of our 'old man', and the second death. Death is a separation from life. In the case of physical death the body is separated from the spirit (James 2:26) or soul (Genesis 35:18-19), which gives it life. In the case of spiritual death a person is separated from spiritual life, which is imparted to us by the spirit of Jesus Christ being in us. If a man does not have the spirit of Christ, or lives in sin, he may be physically alive but spiritually dead, even as he scripture speaks of being "dead in trespasses and sins" (Ephesians 2:1). The death of our 'old man' refers to the death of self and sin in our lives (Romans 6:6-7), and the 'second death' refers to 'the lake of fire' (or Gehenna in Greek) which is where all unbelievers will go after judgment (Revelation 20:14-15).
When we ask the question, "Where are the dead?" we are not referring to Gehenna or "the Lake of Fire" as that refers to something future. We are asking the question, "Where are the dead now?" or "What happens to people when they die?" To answer these questions we really need to get a good understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words for spirit and soul. The scriptural evidence is that the spirit and the immaterial part of the soul are separate entities from the body when a person is dead, but are necessary in the body for it to function as a living being when it is alive. This bible study explains what happens when people die and where the dead are now.

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