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Website News Update

NEWS UPDATE 28/1/2021 There are now over 80 videos which show on YouTube. You can visit them from the videos index.

NEWS UPDATE 13/2/2018This website was in the process of having a complete overhaul of English grammar and punctuation By Philip De Vere B.A. P.G.C.E. He has taught English in schools for about 20 years. It was not completed.

NEWS UPDATE 24/10/2016 Three folders on this website have been disconnected and replaced. The new folders are 'Greek Word Studies', 'Hebrew Word Studies' and 'Bible quizzes'.

NEWS UPDATE 29/8/2016 This website has now been converted to HTTPS to make is safer for all visitors.

LATEST UPDATE 6/1/2016 MAN is NOT BORN IN SIN with a SIN NATURE This bible study is finished and available.

The task is almost completed. Now files are being refined for quicker loading. All glory be to God when it is complete.

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