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Roy Page, church overseer in England UK Logos Apostolic Bible College UK is making true apostolic bible studies free online to the whole world. Originally established in 2006 and run by bible teacher Roy Page (left), through this ministry many Christian bible studies and evangelistic tracts have been made freely available to everyone. They have been produced through diligent study of God's word throughout more than thirty years. We do not own a building, and have no residential students. We set no Bible College exams, and offer no Bible College certificates, as all such things were non existent in the days of the apostles, but you can test your knowledge and understanding of some of the bible studies with our bible quizzes. This is an online ministry. What will count on the day of judgment is your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the state of your spiritual heart, whether you have the truth in it or not, and our purpose is to minister towards this need. All literature and teaching services from Logos Apostolic Bible College are made available free of charge, as the word of God instructs (Proverbs 23:23, Matthew 10:8), and as finances permit.
We have made free literature available to download from our website anywhere in the world, and distributed much in local towns in the UK, and wherever this bible teaching ministry goes. Now, through this website, and our You-Tube Videos, Logos Apostolic Bible College is making available the true teaching of God's word to the whole world, to help people to get free teaching and discipleship training before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Go and take a look at some of our excellent bible studies below, and test your understanding with our bible quizzes.


In April 2010  Logos Apostolic Bible College was opened in Pakistan, the town of Multan, by the leaders of Logos Apostolic Church of God there. They have translated some of the bible studies into Urdu.

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