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There are some excellent free teaching visual aids here for to help any bible teacher to get the truth of the word of God across to his students. The file size shown is for viewing, and the downloads are in "Word 98-2003.doc" format in a zip file.

Apostolic Bible Studies Visual AidsFile SizeDown-
A Diagram of the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread5K  YES 
A diagram of the Death, Burial, Resurrection and First Appearances of Jesus Christ 107K YES
An example of a verse of scripture made as a jig-saw puzzle to show why the word of God needs to be rightly divided 117K YES
The answer to the puzzle above, an example of rightly dividing the word of God. YES
An example of rightly dividing the word of God to find the exact inscription on the cross4K YES
An example of rightly dividing the word of God to find the correct name for water baptism5K YES
A poster bible study on the Law of Faith5K YES
A Poster bible study on Nine Steps to Repentance5K YES
A Poster showing the Ten Commandments5K YES
A Poster the Hebrew / Jewish Calendar7K YES
Hebrew Alphabet Flash Cards7K YES
Greek Alphabet Upper Case Flash Cards7K YES
Greek Alphabet Lower Case Flash Cards7K YES
Julian to Gregorian Calendar Change5K YES

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