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This bible study explains what the sin of sorcery is and how it involves the use of drugs. It uses a Greek and Hebrew Unicode fonts and is printable.

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INTRODUCTION: Before you read this study consider very carefully where you are with God. This is probably one of the hardest teachings you will ever read, simply because it requires people to put total faith in God, even when in the natural your life could be at risk. This is not something to try to see if it works, or to try force on anybody else, as only you can really know whether your faith is real or not, and every individual has to make their own decision. Trying it to see if it works is not faith, and you really need to study out what faith is and understand it before you can know whether you really have it or not. You also need to know that God wants you healed, that it is always his perfect will to heal, but that there are conditions to receive healing, and you need to fulfil them. If you do not know the conditions then you need to study them out of the bible for yourself. Before we define sorcery properly, let us state briefly that some of modern sorcery involves the use of drugs for healing, now propagated by medical science. Of all the sins that we may encounter as believers in Jesus Christ, sorcery must surely be one of the most difficult to get other Christians to accept as sin. There are several reasons for this:

(a) It is not called sorcery anymore, so it is not easily recognised.

The name makes no difference, sin is sin.

(b) It is a world-wide accepted practice in every country.

This is evidence against it, because the world loves its own:
(1 John 4:5) "They are of the world; therefore they speak of the world, and the world hears them."

(c) It sometimes appears to help people.

This is a deception, because God's system of healing is much better, both physically and spiritually. Even if there were no deception in it, it is still sin. When the children of Israel chided with Moses in the desert of Zin because there was no water there, God told Moses, "speak to the rock before their eyes; and it shall give forth water," (Numbers 20:8). Moses "smote the rock twice:" (Numbers 20:11), the miracle happened, and all the people drank. However, because Moses did not do it the way God said, God refused to allow him or Aaron to go into the promised land (Numbers 20:12), and they both died (Numbers 27:12-14; 34:38; Deuteronomy 34:5-6). What then will happen to people who try to heal contrary to God's instructions? Those involved in Medical Science are trying to do the right thing (healing), but they are trying to do it the wrong way (using drugs, surgery etc.).

(d) Over many years people have learned to put all their faith for healing in sorcery.

People even trust their lives and the lives of their children to it. So when it comes to accepting that it is wrong, they reject the truth because they do not wish to forsake what they trust in.

(e) The alternative to trusting in sorcery is trusting in God, and many Christians are reluctant to admit that they don't.

The purpose of this study is therefore is not to hurt anybody, or accuse anybody if they don't have the real faith, but to expose what modern sorcery is (See #1), and to give scriptural reasons why we should forsake it (See #2).

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