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One reason why false prophecy is so common in churches today, is because prophecy is one of the spiritual gifts that is easy for people to fake. Anybody can stand up and say, "Thus says the LORD" followed by what they think God might say at that time, and make out that they are a true prophet. They may not deceive everybody, but it seems that they nearly always deceive a good many. Why do they do it? There are many reasons. Some may do it because they wish to gain the respect and admiration of people, and they get that when people believe that God speaks through them. In the Old Testament false prophets used to get a seat at the queen's table (1 Kings 18:19), which was a very high place, and some were promised very high positions (Numbers 22:17). Some may do it because it becomes financially prosperous (Micah 3:11). Balaam was an example of this (Numbers 22:7), and other prophets were offered great rewards, although true prophets refused them (Genesis 14:23; 1 Kings 13:7; 2 Kings 5:15; Daniel 2:6). Some may do it because they are genuinely deceived and think that God is speaking through them, but whatever the reason, false prophesy is a sin which causes great harm to those who believe it. This bible study is meant to help those who do not wish to be deceived, and need some basic guidelines on how to judge prophecy. It contains some basic scriptural principles on how to recognize a true and a false prophet, and examples are quoted of prophesies that have actually been made, "In the name of the LORD", which were false. These were all recorded on tape, and have been carefully transcribed, so they are not just guesses at what was actually said. Jesus said, "Take heed that no man deceives you."(Matthew 24:4; Mark 13:5), and when the modern churches start to do this, they can rid themselves of false prophets, and press on to perfection.

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