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Logos Apostolic Church of God in the UK, is actively supporting those churches in other countries who are less well off than us. The donations sent here may be used to support the work in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Pakistan, Philippines, Haiti, India, Myanmar, and can be sent to wherever donors may specify, or wherever we see the greatest need if not specified. If you are a Christian without a church where you pay tithes, then please consider paying your tithes to us to help with this work. Helping church ministry is a positive scriptural use of tithes (See bible study RP 206). If you would like to help, then payments may be made as follows.

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We thank you most sincerely for any contributions that you make. May God reward you richly.

If you have any questions? Contact Logos Apostolic Church of God in the UK.

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