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This is the testimony of Roy Page who was healed of two strokes in one day.

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At the time of displaying this testimony I am 72 years old and I have been a Christian for almost thirty years. During that time I have had many trials of faith, and I have always tried to trust God. I have never had to consult a doctor about anything that has afflicted me since the day I became a Christian, because I have always tried to trust Jesus to see me through to divine healing. It has not always been easy, but it has always been interesting. This testimony is the most severe of the many trials that I have had, but I hope they will help some Christians who are trying to trust God for divine healing. I can only say that God has never failed me yet.


Pastor Roy Page, church overseer in England UK

The 22nd November 2016 is a day I will never forget as long as I live. I woke up early about half past seven, prayed a bit, and read the scriptures on the wall and the cupboard at the bottom of my bed. They are healing scriptures (Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 10:1, Luke 9:1, 10:19, James 4:7) and I read them every day. I got up and had some oats and muesli for my breakfast and as I felt quite tired I decided to go back to bed for an hour or two. I have been working a very heavy schedule for a long time, anything between 12 to 18 hours a day, and sometimes I feel the consequences of it. I woke up again about 25 minutes past 9 am with a cramp in my right calf muscle. Nothing unusual, something similar has happened many times before, so I rebuked it in Jesus' name and waited for it to disappear. I noticed that my voice was slurred, sounding like as if I was drunk. I realized there was some kind of spiritual attack going on so I decided to get out of bed. My right leg would not move and I noticed that my right arm and hand was numb. I threw the cover off with my left hand and pulled my leg out with the left hand to sit on the side of the bed. By now I was in a bit of a shock. My right leg felt very heavy and I could not lift it. My right arm also felt heavy and I could not lift that either. I had never had this happen before, and I tried to reason out what was going on and why, but I could not think very clearly. I tried quoting scriptures but they did not seem to come out right; they sounded garbled, and sometimes I was speaking in tongues. I decided to get dressed and walk as an act of faith but found that I could not lift my right leg to put my jeans on. I had to put the jeans on the floor and lift my right leg in with my left hand. I managed to pull my jeans up but could not fasten my belt as my right hand would not grip or pull on it. Determined to beat this I decided to walk and managed to stand up. As I tried to move my right leg I fell over sideways and crashed against the door. The door closed and I slid across it forwards into the wall and fell on the floor. I managed to get up again but immediately fell to the right again, this time over the pouf by the wall. By now I realized I had had a stroke, and got up to sit on the side of the bed again. There was no pain now just numbness, a heavy feeling down my right side and my speech was still slurred. I kept on rebuking the Devil and commanding the thing to go but nothing happened. I tried quoting the scriptures on the wall but I could still not speak properly. This went on for about half a hour and I began to think that this was the end of my ministry, but I soon cast the thought off as I know and teach it is always God's perfect will to heal every believer. Then I remembered the testimony of Hobart Freeman when he had a similar attack and found it difficult to speak. He just kept repeating ''the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus'', over and over again, so I decided to do that. I had never tried it before as I could not see a scripture for using the blood of Jesus for deliverance. As far as I know the disciples did not do it, but I was running out of ideas and decided to do it. I settled down and began quoting, ''the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus is against you Devil.'' I kept repeating it over and over for about five minutes and then noticed that my speech was clearer. I tried to lift my right arm and it came up higher than before. I found I could lift my right leg a little also so I kept pressing on with my confession. A minute or two later everything left. I stood up fastened my belt and walked out of the bedroom round the flat praising God.

I went out and walked to a shop to buy some apples, walking for over 20 minutes perfectly normal with no ill effects. In the afternoon brother David Cox came for me to cut his hair. About 4pm, about the time I think just after making him a cup of tea, I noticed that my voice became slurred again. My right arm felt heavy again and so did my right leg. What was going on? Was this thing trying to come back on me? I stood up and began to walk about testing myself. I was limping and dragging my right foot a little although it was not as bad as the first attack; at least I could walk. I began to rebuke it again and quoting ''the blood of Jesus'' as I did before. My voice was slurred but not as bad as the first time. David soon realized what was going on and he joined in, supporting me with scriptures and rebuking the Devil. This was all very confusing. Why am I going through this? David and I kept on through this process of rebuking and quoting scriptures for about an hour, by which time I was very tired and had to sit down. I decided to cut David's hair as that is what he came for originally. As he sat on the chair and I tried to use the clippers I had difficulty moving my right arm. I tried with the left hand but I am not practiced with that one. I stumbled a few times while I was trying to move around the chair but David kept encouraging me. Eventually I managed to do it, sometimes using both hands to guide the clippers, and sat down again. Another Brother Paul turned up. As we got into conversation he could not understand what I was saying so David explained it. Shortly after I noticed that my voice went back to normal and I could move my arm and leg again with ease, so I stood up. This time I walked around the flat with my arms in the air praising God for another deliverance.

Why did I get these trials? One reason is I believe it was a warning from God that I was overdoing things on my work schedule. In scripture even Jesus got tired sometimes (John 4:6), and went apart from the crowds to rest and pray (Matthew 14:13, 14:23). Sometimes called his disciples aside for a break (Matthew 5:1, 17:1), but I was doing none of this. I was pushing myself to the limit. I had set myself a schedule for December heavier than anything I had ever done before. Scripturally, when God gives people instructions such as dreams or visions he often repeats the same thing twice (Genesis 37:5-11, 41:32). Because it happened to me twice I believe it was a warning from God to slow down (2 Corinthians 13:1). Evil spirits are often the cause of sickness (Job 2:7; Matthew 8:16; Mark 8:17; Luke 13:16; Acts 10:38), but without God's permission they could never have done this to me (Job 1:12, 2:6, Zechariah 3:1-2). The next day I took heed and cancelled two all day venues that I had booked in December, and I plan to be more careful and take time off in future. I hope this testimony will be a help to some Christians, especially those who have had a stroke. Jesus is faithful when we believe him, and he said, ''All things are possible to him who believes.'' (Mark 9:23).
Another reason is that as I was alone the first time, God taught me that I have authority over it myself, as there was no one else who knew about it. Why the second one? It was to obtain the second witness, David was there the whole time. If I posted this on the internet with no witnesses, then it would be easy for some to say that I made it all up, as Jesus said, "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true." (John 5:31). Now they cannot do that, so glory be to Jesus.

This is the end of this testimony of Roy Page.

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