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This is an excellent bible study which gives solid scriptural instruction on how to get delivered from sin and addictions of every sort. This bible study is a source of spiritual strength for all addicts and habitual sinners. The bulk of the work in this bible study was done in the early 1990's when, as a young Christian, I struggled with a terrible addiction to certain foods. It was originally called "Deliverance from the Sin of Gluttony", but when I realized that the principles in it apply to any habitual or addictive sin, I adapted it to become "Deliverance from Sin". The principles in this study may be used to deliver from drug addiction, smoking addiction, alcohol addiction, television addiction, food addiction, sexual addiction, or any other type of addiction. Jesus can deliver all addicts from all habitual addictions and sins. There were times when I thought I would never be delivered, and sometimes wished I was dead, because I found it impossible to overcome my addiction. But eventually I found the solution, and in the end deliverance was relatively easy. I believe that what is written here will help anyone who has a serious addiction to a sin that they cannot overcome, to be set free, and my prayer is that God will use this study for that purpose. Study diligently, and let God reveal to you the answer.

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