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This is an excellent bible study which explains how to calculate biblical time.

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One of the biggest problems facing any student of the bible, especially one who is interested in the chronology of it, that is, the way time is computed, and arranging historical events in order, is the problem of how to calculate biblical time. Biblical chronology has been investigated for centuries by many different people, and these so called experts do not agree with each other. Many have used historical data and added it to the biblical data, even in some cases giving the historical evidence precedence over what is written in scripture. Biblical chronology is a very complicated subject with very many problems to overcome, and this bible study is not attempting to establish a chronology of the bible. This is a bible study which explains how to calculate biblical time, and has been done only by looking only at biblical examples. It is important to understand because it affects how people understand the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For centuries scholars and others have recognised the bible uses what is called inclusive reckoning when calculating time. However, it was not always used, there are many places which use a method which we have called righteous reckoning, and understanding where and when and each of these methods was used is what this bible study investigates.

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