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This scripture puzzle is to be used as an example to explain the importance of Rightly Dividing the word of God.

This poster is a scripture verse Jig-saw puzzle with its solution. It began as one verse of scripture on an A3 size sheet of paper. It was cut into 1 inch squares and then stuck back together with all the pieces except 4 in the wrong place. There are 16 pieces across and 11 pieces down, making 176 pieces altogether. If you look carefully you can see the 4 pieces that are put together correctly forming a "WH" towards the bottom left. As an exercise, try to read the scripture without looking at the answer first.

Scripture Jig-saw puzzle

If you want to know what the scripture verse was you would not find it by looking at the puzzle with the pieces in the wrong places. You would have to take the puzzle apart and put it back together with each piece in the right place. If you did this you would find Revelation 20:15 as below. This picture is what the scripture Jig-saw puzzle was made from. As the correct writing could not be discerned from the puzzle without re-arranging the pieces in the correct places, so scripture truth is difficult to obtain without rightly dividing the word of God. This example shows how important it is to study God's word by rightly dividing it.

Scripture jig-saw puzzle answer

You can download here an A4 copy of this puzzle and the solution in Word.doc format in a zip files.

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