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Logos Apostolic Church of God
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In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and the Savior of the world, welcome to our website for true apostolic bible study. There is something here for every sincere Christian who wants to press on to perfection with God.

Where does the name Logos Apostolic come from, and what does it mean? Logos is the Greek word for Word, as it appears in John 1:1, and refers to the word of God and Jesus Christ. Apostolic refers to that which pertains to the Apostles, and as they wrote the New Testament and followed the true teaching of Jesus through his spirit in them, then we also endeavor to follow the same teaching.

About Logos Apostolic Website

This website was launched in April 2007. Its aim is to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by making known the true teachings of the word of God to the whole world freely. We do not profess to know everything, and we are open to correction, so if you find any errors you may contact us. There are over 2600 files available to visitors, and there are over 116,000 hyperlinks on this site, all of which should work. If you find any that go to the wrong place, please inform Logos Apostolic Bible College.
There is something here for every sincere Christian who wants to grow and learn, as there are some excellent bible studies, which you can see from the Bible Study Index. There is access to a number of useful Bible Study Tools and Bibles, including:

Greek Textus Receptus New Testament

Greek Textus Receptus/King James version New Testament

Latin Vulgate/Greek Textus Receptus/King James Version

The last one is a New Testament with all verses side by side, and a Hebrew/English Old Testament. You will find these in the Apostolic Bible Study Tools section in in the Online Bibles Index. There are also a number of Gospel Tracts available to download free, and some excellent Website Links to other sites which have some interesting articles. If you are a bible study student or teacher you can access a few interesting Bible Teacher's Visual Aids. and if you like to test your knowledge and understanding of God's word, we have some excellent bible study quizzes for you to try. There is now quite a range of Hebrew Word Studies and Greek Word Studies available, and we have begun to construct a Scripture Poster index and a Scripture Flashcard index. All of these can be accessed from the navigation table on the right.

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